Teach English Online: (Must have Bachelor's degree + 1 year teaching experience)USA/Canada  https://goo.gl/jZ9WJ1  Up to $22 hourly (Be sure to sign up for the interview when applying)Others https://goo.gl/3op6Ex Up to $18 hourly (Be sure to sign up for the interview when applying)

Video: "All you need to know for teaching abroad"
Katie Garlow (Texas, USA) :

Golden Staffing helped me through the visa process and found me a great school. They talked me through everything in detail and my recruiter was very helpful

Bryan Wilson (Toronto, Canada) :

Golden Staffing was friendly, approachable and answered all my concerns throughout the entire recruitment process. Thanks!

Adam Smigel (London, UK) :

You and your partners have been the most diligent, hard working, and professional recruiters that I’ve met to date

Amy Carmichael (Cape Town, South Africa) :

Needless to say, I am so totally impressed with you, and your colleagues. Kudos to you…cheers :)

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