Self Promotional Video



1 - Create a Youtube account by visiting and registering with the website. You'll need an account to upload videos

2 - Use a webcam or video camera to film your video. Your introduction video should be 45 to 90 seconds. For your security, kindly abstain from using contact details such as your last name, email, etc in your video

3 - Send (email) your recruiter your 'unlisted' video link after uploading to Youtube.  Unlisted means that it's not publically visible so only us and the schools can see it

Helpful hints for your video:

-Introduction: age, nationality, overview of qualifications, motivations for wanting to teach in China/Korea, interests / hobbies

-Recently completed TEFL course: what did it cover, how long, face to face or online, what was most useful, feedback from tutor

-For experienced teachers: outline of last 3 teaching jobs, ages, students, teaching methods

-Opinions on teaching: what makes a good teacher, examples of good classes, how to motivate students

-Availability: to start work, flexible with start date?, availability for interview, Skype / phone